4 secret summer vacation getaways you’ll love...

by Liza Aydin April 11, 2017

You - ‘Honey, where can we go on vacation this year?

Them - ‘Somewhere we haven’t been before, somewhere that’s quiet, but somewhere I can get some great pasta...oh and where they have those little cookies on the pillow….and..’

You - ‘OK.’

Does this sound familiar? Certainly in our house, this is a conversation we have regularly. Sometimes I feel like my family's requirements for a vacation are longer than my grocery list! As we all look forward to spending some great family time together this year, I wanted to share some secret summer vacation getaways that may check the boxes for somewhere new.

Zadar, Croatia.

The Boutique Rack - Zadar

Zadar really does have it all - winding cobbled streets, beaches, national parks and an archipelago of 24 bigger and about 300 smaller islands. Zadar is situated in the centre of the Adriatic, with a distinctly Italian feel to its architecture, food and culture. Stroll down the sea front promenade for sunset drinks or take small fishing boats to the smaller, uninhabited islands for a wonderful day’s exploring. We particularly loved the wonderful fish restaurants, just off the harbour. Yummy!

Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona The Boutique Rack

When we think of Arizona, it’s natural to think only about the Grand Canyon. Sedona is just a couple of hours south and offers wonderful scenery. Due to its location, Sedona offers a cooler climate, meaning you can escape the summer heat should you wish to. With it’s red sandstone rock, Sedona offers great hiking for all abilities. Uptown Sedona has some great with new age shopping, along with glorious spas and art galleries.

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska.

Denali - The Boutique Rack

Denali National Park and Preserve provides 6 million acres of Alaskan wilderness. Mount McKinley North America’s tallest peak, sits as the centrepiece of this beautiful location for wildlife and outdoor lovers. If you're into photography, like we are, this is a great place to soak up nature at its best. With a wide selection of cabins available, and great independent restaurants, Denali offers a really special place for unwinding and getting re-charging the batteries.

La Paz, Mexico.

Le Paz - The Boutique Rack

Ok, so maybe you did Mexico before, but La Paz is very different to the usual spots. At the far side of the Baja desert is a glistening oceanside retreat with the same beaches and vistas as its neighbour Cabo San Lucas, but with the hoards of tourists.. Iif you’re going to Baja to drink tequila and dance the night away in a club, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you’re into whale watching, calm blue seas and taking it easy in great hotels, La Paz could be the place for you.

So, there you have it, a few ideas to get the conversation on vacations headed in the right direction. Now all you need to do is decide what to wear! Why not take a look at our great Spring/Summer collections at The Boutique Rack?

Liza is a stylist at The Boutique Rack.

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Liza Aydin
Liza Aydin

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