How to style...the cover up.

by Michael Weintraub June 01, 2017

A lot of ladies that message us here at The Boutique Rack say to me:

“Michael, I need some really key pieces for my closet - I just feel like I have nothing that works together!”

Whilst we all like to make a statement from time to time, having great quality pieces that can be teamed up for different occasions really helps to bring your closet collections together. Now, I'll let you into a little’s called the ‘cover up’. In this blog, I've created three looks for three different occasions, but all teaming a cover up with another fantastic piece from The Boutique Rack.

Step 1 - Start with the cover up - Sheer cover up by Joseph Ribkoff- TBR Member Price $155 

So here’s one of my most popular cover-ups by Joseph Ribkoff. It's flowing, lightweight feel and neutral color makes it such a good piece for our member's closets. The sheer arms give a playful look, with its tailored three-quarter arms providing that signature look from the team in Montreal.

The cocktail party look - Chevron print dress by Joseph Ribkoff- Was $245, now $170

With $75 off this great dress, it makes it even more appealing to team up with a cover up. The accents in the chevron pattern are beautifully subtle, and with the belt like styling, this dress gives a great fitted look.

The dinner and drinks look - Flower printed tunic with a golden accent by Joseph Ribkoff- TBR Member Price $205

This summery tunic is great ‘dress up/dress down piece’. With the longer length at the back, giving that almost dress like quality, you can really team this up well with a cover up. I personally love the floral detail here, which can be toned down up or down if moving from drinks to dinner, or vice versa.

The fundraiser look - Halter dress with jewel accents by Joseph Ribkoff - TBR Member Price $300

I mean, just look at it! Fabulous right? The haltered neck gives a real sense of occasion and drama, with an exotic feel to the patination. Teaming up with the cover up for stepping outside during the fundraiser would be a great way to create your combination here.

So whatever the occasion, the cover up provides a wonderful addition to your look. Why not take a look at our collections of cover-ups today, and start creating your own closet team ups?

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Michael Weintraub
Michael Weintraub

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